Natrix Separations is a leading supplier of high performance, single use and multi-cycle disposable chromatography products to the life science, food, beverage and water markets. Natrix has developed a unique technology that combines the high binding capacity, selectivity and specificity normally associated with resin-based chromatography with the high throughput and ease of use of traditional membrane products.
Natrix Separations’ patented technology consists of a polymeric hydrogel formed within a flexible porous support matrix. The support matrix provides mechanical strength, while the hydrogel properties determine the separation chemistry of the product. The macroporous structure that is formed provides a large surface area for binding and facilitates rapid mass transfer, supporting high flow rates while providing highly efficient capture of the target molecule. Natrix technology will enable highly selective chromatographic separations in many applications where no commercially viable separation process currently exists.


In late 2004, Dr. Lisa Crossley, Professor of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, together with Dr. Ronald F. Childs, Professor Emeritus in the Chemistry Department at McMaster, and his colleague Dr. Alicja Mika, formed what would become Natrix Separations Inc. (then called Nysa Membrane Technologies) to commercialize the platform that had been developed by Dr. Childs’ research group. Dr. Crossley, as President and CEO, led a group that included Dr. Mika, Director of Research, and four other scientists with ties to Dr. Childs’ research group, at the firm’s research facility in Burlington Ontario.
In 2008, the company moved into state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities in Burlington Ontario. Natrix Separations has a rich portfolio of intellectual property and is expanding rapidly into the Pharma, Biopharma, Animal Health, Nutraceutical and other Industrial Purification markets.


The Corporate headquarters are located in Burlington Ontario, which houses administration, research, development, applications, engineering and manufacturing operations.

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