Natrix HD-A Membrane Columns

Natrix HD-A Membrane Columns

True Protein A Chromatography in a single-use membrane format


Natrix is developing the industry’s first high-productivity single-use Protein A based purification membrane for monoclonal antibodies and other applications. Natrix worked closely with leading industry end-users during the early development and proof-of-concept stages for this breakthrough product. Today, we continue to develop the platform for clinical and commercial production in conjunction with industry partners (including Merck and Sanofi).

When combined with other Natrix HD membrane products, Natrix HD-A opens the door to the first fully single-use downstream manufacturing platform.

The Natrix HD-A membrane delivers dynamic binding capacity and selectivity that is comparable or better than today’s best-in-class Protein A resins and has demonstrated productivity up to 30x greater than Protein A resins.

Natrix HD-A Highlights:

  • High binding & high flow rate = high productivity capture
  • Proven with nearly 20 different antibodies
  • Enables right sized columns that can match USP throughput in a small footprint for truly flexible manufacturing facilities
  • Media life can be fully utilized in a single batch to optimize process economics
  • Works with broad range of clarification options
  • Caustic stable

Natrix HD-A products are not yet commercially available. Companies interested in participating in Natrix’s sponsored development partner programs are encouraged to contact us by email.


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