Natrix Technology Co-Development

The Natrix Separations technical team is actively designing and engineering a family of products and systems based on Natrix’s patented separations technology.  To accelerate this effort while ensuring that designs reflect the real needs of the biopharmaceutical marketplace, Natrix is currently engaging with leading pharma and biotech organizations to initiate co-development projects around the application of Natrix technology.

The objective of these programs is to generate commercial products that incorporate both Natrix-defined and partner-specific requirements, as well as to develop dedicated products around partner-specific ligand chemistry and affinity IP.

Why Partner with Natrix?

  • Participate in the definition of and gain influence on Natrix product definition and final commercial configurations to assure that Natrix products meet your specific needs for enabling platform or process solutions.
  • Design your proprietary affinity/chemistries into a dedicated Natrix product.
  • Gain the opportunity to develop platform processes for your product development and manufacturing, gaining early and preferential access to Natrix products that we project will deliver enabling capability, including:
    • Flexibility in manufacturing operations including simplification or  elimination of fixed DSP infrastructure
    • Lower total COGS and in a single-use format (i.e. reducing buffer consumption by up to 80%)
    • Simplified regulatory compliance (i.e. single-use means no cleaning, sanitization, storage, validation)
    • Quick-to-build new simple low-cost manufacturing infrastructure - flexible, fast turnaround, very low COGS