Natrix™ HD Membrane Technology

Natrix HD Membranes offer a breakthrough in membrane architecture that will forever change downstream purification.

With a revolutionary three-dimensional macroporous hydrogel structure that provides a High Density of binding sites and rapid mass transfer, Natrix HD Membranes deliver binding capacity that exceeds resin-based columns with fast flow rates typical of membrane adsorbers.  Additionally, Natrix HD Membrane technology is highly versatile, and can be deployed in flow-through or bind-elute mode, with nearly any ion exchange, affinity or customized chemistry.

Natrix HD Membranes enable a number of performance gains across a wide range of chromatography. Key advantages include:

  • Binding capacity equal to or better than the best column based resins.
  • Flow rates as fast as the best membrane adsorbers.
  • Compact, low-cost, single-use operation.


The three-dimensional, macroporous structure of the Natrix product produces a step-change increase in binding surface area and binding site density.

Unlike conventional beads that rely on diffusion, Natrix chromatography is dominated by advective flow, allowing flowrates up to 25x higher than conventional resin-based columns.

Natrix products are compact and single-use, eliminating validation, cleaning, sanitization, and storage, while also enabling flexible, multi-use downstream processing.

By combining the functionality of resin-base columns, the flowrates of membranes and single-use architecture, Natrix technology empowers a new level of downstream productivity and versatility.